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Study in the United States

If you Choose to physically attend  university in the US , and you are a native or any African country, we can help  you with the entire process , from registration to preparing for the student visa, to arrival and integration in the USA 

Study online in your country of origin

Today you  no longer need to physically attend school to earn a  reputable and well recognized degree. Stay in you home country and complete an  Associate, Bachelor, Masters, PhD  or professional certificate from one of the top rated US, Canadian, French or African universities

Continue your studieS

(US residents)

If you are a US resident or citizen and wish to go back to school but just do not know where to start or what to study, we can help shape your new and exiting  college journey

Tutoring in French

We offer private individual or group French lessons  to all age groups. Our tutors are educators on top of their profession with years of experience in the field, with unparalleled skills. 

Access to private schools for United States residents (kindergarten to high school

Virtus can help you place your child/children in private schools in the DMV(DC/Marylnd/Virginia) area. let us help you give your child/children the education their deserve and increase their chances to become globally competent  and competitive.

Preparations for different tests

Our firm can help you prepare for any prerequisite test to ease the admission process. We partnered with number of certified centers.