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The VirtUS Educational Consulting Group LLC is unique among student recruitment agencies. It was founded by Dr. Sandrine Kouassi, an experienced educator whose mission is to serve an edifying purpose; nurture, educate and present opportunities for children, young adults, families and professional adults in the field of education. Dr. Kouassi believes that education is the key to success and that by discovering opportunities to access better education systems, individuals will reach their goal in life.


Dr. Kouassi has extensive experiences of 20 years in the fields of early education, secondary and higher education, life coaching and personal services. Her foundation is firmly rooted in the principles of the celebration of academic achievement, family, community, culture, and self-confidence. Therefore, the purpose of this organization is to facilitate access to US institutions for young adults and professional adults who wish to study abroad and become competitive on a global scale. It is also to facilitate placement into independent schools for any students residing in the States wishing to attend private schools on scholarships.

We are based in the United States in the state of Maryland, but we operate on all the heard of the american territory. We serve all African countries. We understand the challenges facing those who want to study abroad specifically in the United States. Keeping in mind the needs of these students, we designed our processes so that every task, from visa admission to travelling planning, to accommodation in the United States, is simple and headache free.

We offer students a choice of thousands of courses at various leading educational institutions in the United States of America, online or in person. Our organization also offers advice throughout the educational experience, if the client so desires.

In addition to that, we make things easier for those who wish to stay in their home country, to access online courses at all American universities that offer online courses.

We are committed to our customer-centric philosophy. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals by providing world-class customer service that is both reliable and competitive. We are committed to bringing knowledge to individuals and families to help them make the best educational choices and therefore help them become competitive on a global scale.

To be the world leader in consulting and recruiting international students.

We are guided by our core values: ethics, love and passion for education, expertise and leadership. We believe that honesty opens the way to real success. In keeping with our values, we strongly discourage students from using fraudulent means to continue their studies in the United States.

It's pretty simple. We are leaders in the field of education with 20 years of experience in the area.


Our founders are Doctors in Education, who live and work in the United States in the field of education, and who want to give as many opportunities as possible to students and professionals, to access a better education system. We are consultants who have studied and mapped the American educational system. As such, we are committed to providing the best advice to our clients and helping them make informed decisions about their educational choices. 

. VirtUS guaranties you a world class customer service. We are committed to excellence and transparency. With that in mind,  We only collect our fees. Any other payment is made directly between the client and the service provider (between the university and the client / the embassy and the client). we do not handle any tuition or any other payments of that sort to avoid scams.
 In the case of a visa refusal, the customer is reimbursed up to 80% of the application fee.